Ron Eveslage just retired…

Here's a message from television photographer Ron Eveslage, who just retired. A kind note from any TV friends would be appreciated. As follows: Your dues notice caught up with me..but I'm out of the action in the Bay Area...I've moved into semi retirement at my farm in Mississippi. I'm still taking a few assignments for old clients, but am trying to gracefully bowout of the day to day grind. So far its working. I wish the best for all the hard working photogs in the Bay Area..I will miss seeing all my old friends at the "Big Stories" that happen on such a regular basis in California. Should anyone want to contact me, I can be reached at:

Ron Eveslage

PO Box 1983

Corinth MS 38835 Phone # 601-286-0959




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Paul Sakuma

San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association

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