Retired KRON photographer Anthony “Tony” Frank Torrano

Retired KRON photographer Anthony “Tony” Frank Torrano died in June 2011 after an eight year battle with cancer. He was 59.
Retired KRON photographer Anthony “Tony” Frank Torrano died in June 2011 after an eight year battle with cancer. He was 59.

Torrano worked for KRON for 26 years. He was the first engineer who worked on a two-man van. He then worked with the microwave truck and onto to a satellite truck.

He started video photography after he graduated from San Francisco State University. He attended the John O’Connell Trade School for video. After graduation he started at KRON as vacation relief.

Some of his favorite stories were the International Hotel riot; George Moscoe and Harvey Milk riot. He photographed presidents Reagan and Clinton. He traveled to Cambodia in 1979 on a relief effort for Cambodia.

KRON photographer Russ Katsumoto said, “He was a great guy both at work and off. I always looked forward to road trip stories with him. I can recall working the Carey Staynor story before the turn of the century in Yosemite with KRON reporter Sue Kwon and photographer Rick Villaroman. Tony worked as satellite truck operator. Good fun and lots of laughs in the hotel pub after we finished our workday. Tony was a great team member to have on the big story. He was a voice of calm when things got crazy. I never saw him lose his cool when everyone else around him panicked. He always seemed to be in a good mood and would help out a fellow photographer in need. One of broadcast TV’s “Good Guys” He will truly be missed.”

Photographer Dean Kendrick recalled, "I'm heart broken. Tony was a colleague friend and mentor to me at KRON."

KRON photographer Stanley Roberts said, "OMG Tony! He was then nicest man I knew at KRON."

Photographer Stan Drury remembered, "I learned a lot from Tony and loved working in live shots together. He was one of the few photographers who was both a good engineer and a good cameraman. Once he said that he liked to do the shots that someone said couldn't be done, and then he made it look easy."

KRON reporter Henry Tenenbaum remembered, “As sweet, funny and level-headed as anyone with whom I've ever worked. He even put up with ME!”

KRON reporter Tom DeVries said, “Tony made work easy. Mark Jones, Walt Nash and Tony were the first team I worked with at KRON. Tony was smart, always calm, always collected and always a gentleman. He and Walt had the best sense of humor. A toast to both of them.”

Reporter Wayne Freedman said, "He was always in a good mood. And a great guy to work with. Both Tony and Walt took fine care of me in my first weeks at KRON. Remember that South of Market fire? They pretty much told me where to go and what to say."

He retired from KRON when he turned 50 years old about ten years ago. After his retirement he traveled the world with his wife, Sharon. He was married for 37 years.

To contact his family,
Sharon Torrano
502 Georgetown
San Mateo, CA 94402

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