News Jobs, New Locations

Sandra Eisert has relocated to the Seattle area after leaving the Examiner where she is currently working for Microsoft's new on-line service the Microsoft Network in their MSN News operation. She is involved in the production of MSN's multimedia news presentation which is constantly being updated throughout the day. San Jose State University photojournalism graduate Leslie Salzmann was helping out Eisert in Washington. In addition to Sandra, Mike Spinelli and Dave Dornlas are also working for MSN. MSN similar to AOL, CompuServe and Prodigy went live in August along with the release of Windows 95. Mike is one of the Category Managers in the Sports & Recreation Category. His area covers a wide variety of sports from Football to Rodeo. Spinelli who spent many years doing sports photography for the San Mateo Times is able to put his knowledge to use while he monitors BBS conversations, hosts chats, designs icons and banners as well as works to promote his area. He works closely with Forum Managers as well as ICPs(Independent Content Providers) who include "ShaqWorld On-line" and @Play NYT Magazine Group. Dave is the Photography Forum Manager, his duties are similar to Mike's except that he has a greater responsibly for the design and development of content in his area. Besides creating an area that covers all aspects of photography, one of his goals is to showcase the work of leading photographers, including photojournalists, using state of the art technology such as MediaView and Blackbird. He currently is seeking photographers who'd be interested in participating in chats where users can ask question and gain the understanding of how working photographers do their job.

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