Mickey Pfleger Update

I got the results of the biopsy of my brain tumor yesterday. The overallnews is good in that I have a low grade (slow-growing) tumor called anOligodendroglioma (a person starts learning big words like this when onehas a brain tumor).My neurosurgeon is currently having some genetic typing done on the tumor during the next few weeks and will then present my case to a tumor board of doctors who will discuss my case and try to come to a consensus as to what they feel would be the best course of treatment for the tumor.After that, my doctor will give me his recommendation as to the best wayto proceed. Then I will have to make my decision.Thanks again to everyone for their support and concern. I really appreciate it!As always, e-mail and phone calls are always welcome.Mickey Pflegerpfotog@endzone.com
(650) 355-1772

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