Fred Pardini Retires

KGO-TV photographer Fred Pardini was planning to retire in June, but he finished work early after slipping on some stairs at KGO in mid-January. Fred had earlier decided to finish work in March, take a few months of vacation and then end his career in June. But due to his ripped archilles tendon, Fred is out on disability in a cast and therapy for at least three months. He'll will still take his vacation and finally hang up his video camera as planned in June. Fred said, "This is a total pain in the ass and it's pretty sad" as he hobbles around his house in San Francisco in a cast from his groin to his toe. Fred is the only photographer to have won a Press Club Award for best newspaper photography and also a local Emmy for his television work. He worked for the Hearst Corporation's Call-Bulletin and Examiner in San Francisco for 11 years until 1956 and then worked at KGO-TV for the past 30 years. He started with a Speed Graphic to Rolleflex to Pentax switching over to television with a heavy Auracon film camera and finally to electronic camera. Fred is the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association's Press Parking Chairman for the past several years. He has neogotiated for years with the San Francisco Police Department for our parking press cards. Last year the police department refused to honor our press parking priviledges.

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