The San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association announced the winners of its 35th Annual News Photography and News Video Competition.

The awards were presented at the 50th Annual Awards Banquet on Sunday, April 5, at Scott’s Restaurant in Oakland. About 130 news photographers as well as photojournalism students in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento areas from every major newspaper, wire service and television station entered more than 4,000 images, video tapes and web sites for their work in 2008.

Ken McLaughlin News Photographer of the Year
1st place: Bryan Patrick, The Sacramento Bee
2nd place: Kevin German, Luceo Images
3rd place: Brian Baer, The Sacramento Bee

Ken McLaughlin News Video Photographer of the Year
Robert Wellington, KNTV

News Photography - Student Photographer of the Year
1st place (Greg Robinson Memorial Award): Christopher McGuire,
San Francisco State University

2nd place (Luci S. Williams Houston Memorial Award): Alex Welsh,
San Francisco State University

3rd place: Michael J. Mullady II, San Francisco State University

News Photography - Spot News
1st place: Karl Mondon, Contra Costa Times, "House Fire"
2nd place: Mike Greener, Daily Republic (Fairfield), "Relief After Blaze"
3rd place: Ryan Chalk, The Reporter (Vacaville), "Carjack Suspect"
Award of Excellence: John Green, San Mateo Times, "Flooded Streets in Moss Beach"

News Photography - General News
1st place: Brad Zweerink, Daily Republic (Fairfield), "Marine One SNAFU"
2nd place: Lance Iversen, San Francisco Chronicle, "Police Funeral"
3rd place: Don Feria, freelance, "Black Nazarene 2008"

News Photography - Features
1st place: John Burgess, The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa), "Cowabunga"
2nd place: Dai Sugano, San Jose Mercury News, "Rainy Day in India"
3rd place: Michael McCollum, The Record (Stockton), "Sign of Times"
Award of Excellence: Ray Chavez, The Oakland Tribune, "Only in San Francisco"
Award of Excellence: Don Feria, freelance, "Corregidor Island"
Award of Excellence: Kevin German, Luceo Images, "Salt Farm Workers"

News Photography - Sports Action
1st place: Kat Wade, freelance, "Challenged Ironmen: Splash"
2nd place: Paul Kitagaki Jr., The Sacramento Bee, "Olympics Gold Fencing"
3rd place: Scott Manchester, The Press Democrat, "Flea Gets Flicked at Mavericks"
Award of Excellence: Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images, "Dirty Celebration"
Award of Excellence: Gregory Urquiaga, West County Times, "Insists On Finishing"
Award of Excellence: Dino Vournas, freelance, "Floor Exercises"

News Photography - Sports Feature
1st place: Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images, "Victory!"
2nd place: Michael Macor, San Francisco Chronicle, "4x100 Gold"
3nd place: Brad Mangin, freelance, "Phillie Phanatics"
Award of Excellence: Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Images, "Rainy Bronze"
Award of Excellence: Paul Kitagaki, Jr., The Sacramento Bee, "Olympic Opening Ceremony"

News Photography - Portrait/Personality
1st place: Shmuel Thaler, Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Ballet Artistic Directors"
2nd place: Jim Gensheimer, San Jose Mercury News, "Grace Upshaw"
3rd place: Dai Sugano, San Jose Mercury News, "Pavement Dwellers"
Award of Excellence: Tony Avelar, freelance, "Hall of Fame"
Award of Excellence: Christopher Chung, The Press Democrat, "Tedrick Eagle"
Award of Excellence: Lance Iversen, San Francisco Chronicle, "Mayor Who?"
Award of Excellence: Mike Kepka, San Francisco Chronicle, "S.F. Fashion Boy"

News Photography - News Picture Story
1st place: Paul Kitagaki, Jr., The Sacramento Bee, "Beijing XXIX Olympiad"
2nd place: Brian Frank, freelance, "La Guerra Mexicana (The Mexican War)"
3rd place: Max Whittaker, freelance, "Protest State"
Award of Excellence: Tony Avelar, freelance, "Gay Marriage Faces"
Award of Excellence: Brian Baer, The Sacramento Bee, "Protest Rescue"

News Photography - Feature Picture Story
1st place: Dai Sugano, San Jose Mercury News, "Left Behind"
2nd place: Kevin German, Luceo Images, "Outside the Rings"
3rd place: Kevin German, Luceo Images, "Forgotten: Mental Illness in Vietnam"
Award of Excellence: John Burgess, The Press Democrat, "Artists in Residence"
Award of Excellence: Kevin German, Luceo Images, "Xin Loi Con - I'm Sorry Child"

Best Mini-Doc Multimedia Package
1st place: Dai Sugano, San Jose Mercury News, “The Chance to Break Free”
2nd place: Chris Jordan, Daily Republic (Fairfield), “Remembering Matt Garcia”
3rd place: Autumn Cruz, The Sacramento Bee, “Justice for KC Balbuena”

Best Short Multimedia Piece
1st place: LiPo Ching, San Jose Mercury News, "Vietnam Traffic"
2nd place: Diane Choplin, freelance, "Albany's Brass Ring"
3rd place: Chris Jordan, Daily Republic (Fairfield), "Being Normal"

News Video - Spot News
1st place: Andres Valenzuela, KION, “Summit Wildfire”
2nd place: Steve Gonzales, KCRA, “Knock Knock”
3rd place: Dean Smith, ABC7/KGO, “Get Lost Gustav”
Award of Excellence: Jacob Jimenez, KTVU, “Concow Fire”

News Video – General News
1st place: Alan Filippi, KTVU, “Bay Area Skate Parks”
2nd place: Andres Valenzuela, KION, “Tax Time Rush”
3rd place: Josh Keppel, KNTV, “Recycling Trash Into Art”

News Video - Features
1st place: Alex Bozovic, KNTV, “Tenderloin Seamstress”
2nd place: Jeremy Carroll, KNTV, “Piano Kid”
3rd place: Chris Bollini, KPIX, “Safari West”

News Video - Sports
1st place: Jeremy Carroll, KNTV, “Roller Soccer”
2nd place: Josh Keppel, KNTV, “Roller Derby”
3rd place: Steve Gonzales, KCRA, “Row Your Boat”

News Video - Mini-Doc/Series
1st place: Jacob Jimenez, KTVU, “Angora Recovery”
2nd place: Mark Villarreal, KNTV, “Ecological”

News Video - Economic Hardship
1st place: Anne Onate, KTVU, “Cobblers’ Index”
2nd place: Thomas O’Hair, KCRA, “Shine Drums”

News Video - Fred Sinfield Live Award
1st place: Thomas O’Hair, KCRA, “Gas Theft”

News Video judges:
Beau Beyerle, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, MSNBC, Discovery Channel
John Blake, news photographer, producer
Joe Bohannon, audio tech, 60 Minutes, Real Sports, Dateline
Jeff Cochran, news photographer
John Pellizarri, news photographer
Adam Younker, 20/20, Primetime Live, World News Tonight

News Photography judges:
Ed Crisostomo, staff photographer, The Press-Enterprise (Riverside)
Terry Pierson, staff photographer, The Press-Enterprise (Riverside)
William Wilson Lewis III, staff photographer, The Press-Enterprise (Riverside)
Mark Zaleski, staff photographer, The Press-Enterprise (Riverside)

Multimedia Judges
Genevieve Alvarez, multimedia journalist, Seattle Times
Kevin Fujii, photo editor, Seattle Times
Renee Fujii, freelance, Seattle
Ken Lambert, photographer, Seattle Times