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30th Annual SFBAPPA Awards - General News - 2nd Place

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2nd Place - BAGHDAD EASTER -- Iraq Hall of Martyrs, Baghdad, IRAQ--4/20/03 --Army's 3rd Battalion/69th Armor Regiment 1st LT. John Thomas, 25, of Heavener, OK sits alone along a wall of the Iraq Hall of Martyrs with inscribed names of Iraqi soldiers killed during the Iraq-Iran war engraved in stone while he listens to "Amazing Grace' being sung during Catholic Easter Mass held for soldiers of the 3-69 Task Force in the complex which has become the base of operations for the task force. Thomas was not participating in Catholic mass but was waiting to take part in escort of soldiers back to the Baghdad Airport but was moved when the song "Amazing Grace" was sung. "Easter in the Hall of Martyrs in Iraq.....just seems so unbelievable..." said Thomas.