A Jaun Rivera ties the chardonnay vines to supports in preparation of the fruit at Venderheyden Vineyards and Winery, a family owned vineyard.


Kate Streblow, (left) Nina Frapia, 5, and Gabriella Liamas, 3, wait for the instructor of their beginning ballet class to lead them in their exercise at the Royal Academy of Dancing

" I got to a point were life wasn't worth living, but now it is." Max Sheer, 55, got sobar from drugs and alcohole 15 months ago. "My life has come full circle, my dreams can be realised. I am now just a man." Max lives in a sobar living house with four other recoovering alcoholics.

Cody Deerly, 11, and the other members fo Elijah Braeger's six-grade class, take a moment of silence during a memorial service for thier 11-year-old classmate Thursday evening at the Napa Valley Exposition. Elijah dies of stem cell lymphoma.

Timothy Tompson, who lost his sister in New York, and Charlotte Zuann, who drove from Sacramento, both prayed during a special service at Glide memorial United Methodist Church Tuesday evening.

Billy Sweet, 55,takes a break from repairing a horse trailer. Billy used to ride horses for competitions but now to for a living fixing other people hours trailers.

Katie Duncan, 19, stands on Collage Ave or "7 hills" at the site where her twin sister died in a car accident two years ago.

Gregory Cox, 4, takes moment to listen to the music at the Columbia Festival of the Arts at Kittamaquni lake Sunday evening.

Travis Dietle, 16, kayaks the last stretch of the boat race on the Jones Halls with a 14 foot drop at the Round Falls.

Story Essay One

Sipaseuth Ngonuorarath, 10, traveled with his mother from Laos to have surgery to correct his cleft palate and his microtia, the nonexsitance left ear.

Sipaseuth and his mother Khamput speak limited Eglish, but try to communicate by looking up English words in their Laotian dictionary.

Sipaseuth held back his tears as long as possible at the nurse inserts and IV in his arm before going into surgery.

It was hard for Khamput to leave her son in surgery. Kay Neal, the host of the two guests, embraced her in the hall on the way out.

Dr. Brett Snyder performs palatoplasy surgery to reconstruct the musles of Sipaseuth's palate to improve his speech. Surgery lasted eight hours.

Khamput stayed by her son's side and took care of him for the three days of hospital recovery, sleeping in the chair next to him. There were no complications during surgery, and the doctors thought he was healing well.

Story Essay Two

Greg, 38, is autistic and Sara, 32, is mental disabled; they have formed a romantic relationship during the time they see each other at RCH. Touching Sara's nose is Greg's way of showing his affection.

After Greg has finished eating the dinner provided by RCH, he leaves the table and sits in his unual spot inteh corner away from the all the noise. As soon as Sara has finished her dinner, she joins him. One of the effects of autism is over stimulation. Greg deals with this by putting his hands over his ears or just walking out of the room. Most of hte time Greg sits byhimslef and reads his astronomy books or plays with his telescopes, while Sara looks on.

Sara has a dream not unlike any other womens dream: she wants a two-bedroom apartment to share with her boyfriend. Sara worries a lot about Greg, she thinks that the board and care home that he lives in makes him go to bed too early. Sara is very protective and would like to see him live on his own. She feels that Greg is not treated right and that the board and care home is just another obstacle in their relationship.

Greg leaves the afternoon activity to sit outside. Sara follows him shortly afterwards only to sit on the opposite side of the floor trying not to bother him. A few minutes later, Sara returns to the group.

Greg touches Sara's nose and embraces her during the half an hour but ride to an art exhibit. Sara is very verbal and expressive: Greg is not. They have worked out a system of communication where she asks him true or false questions. She has learned hat he always says "yes" to yes-and-no questions.

RCH was founded in 1952 and serves nearly 2,000 individuals every week in its modern facilities near the ocean. Sara and Greg come once a week to the center.

Even though outward affection is discouraged at RCH, Sara and Greg attempt a quick kiss. Sometimes Sara and Greg meet on the weekends to go to the bookstore. Sara says this doesn't happen as much as it used to but she would like it to happen more. Time together at RCH is precious for Sara and Greg.

Story Essay Three

Napa High player Michael Yanover, left, Joe LeMasters, Troy Lindwall, and Ademir Cacique, right, face the flag during the singing of the National Anthem at Friday night's Big Game.

Michael Smidt rouses team spirit during half time of the Big Game Friday night.

Keith Grier, right,and Ademir Cacique jump in the back of a a team members truck to go play video games after practice.

During pre-party celebration the night before the Big Game, Troy Lindwall is greeted by his teammates after shaving his head in team spirit.

Ryan Dunn, center, dances with teammates Chris Sweet, ledt, and Charlie Bahn during a pep rally Thursday night at Napa High.

Minutes before the game , teammates gather and take a few moments of silence to focus their minds on the game and to pray, asking that no one gets hurt and that they will play to the best of their ability.

The Stand fill with fames at the Big Games against Vintage High School, the rival school of Napa High.

Senior Troy Lindwall, right, embraces Senior Mario Hernandez after losing the last game these seniors will play together.

After losing the game 21 to 16, Ryan Dunn, takes a moment of silence.