Barbara Hawkins keeps a watchful eye on her three young grandchildren during a smoking break while babysitting at her daughter's home in Yuba City, Calif., on January 12, 2001. Hawkins plans to tell her grandchildren about her experience being homeless. "I want them to know why they couldn't be with me for that time," she said. She lived in a tent on the Marysville, Calif. riverbottoms with her husband and 24-year-old son for over a year. 1/12/01


Barbara Hawkins and Ray Johnson, a friend who also lives at the camp on the Marysville, Calif. riverbottoms, clean up in the morning on December 21, 2000. She often spent days alone at the camp when her asthma prohibited her from joining the others on their daily walk to town. 12/21/00

On her 45th birthday, Barbara plays with her grandchildren, Rebecca Crawford, 3, left, and Charles Crawford, 4, at her daughter's home in Yuba City, Calif., on February 1, 2001. 2/1/01

Barbara copes with a bout of asthmatic coughing on a chilly night at camp in Marysville, Calif., as her dogs lounge on a couch under a tarped area on February 20, 2001. 2/20/01

Barbara pauses to catch her breath as she and her husband, Kenny, head back to camp wheeling a propane tank for their cooking stove in the rain on February 24, 2001 in Marysville, Calif. 2/24/01

Barbara and Kenny draw their dream house in the dirt as they sit under tarps at their campsite during a day of constant rain in Marysville, Calif., on February 20, 2001. 2/20/01

Barbara, her son Eddy, left, and her husband, Kenny, get ready to grill pork chops for an early dinner at the camp in Marysville, Calif., on December 28, 2001. 12/28/2001

Barbara shields her granddaughters from her coughing as she does a breathing treatment with her nebulizer at her daughter's home in Yuba City, Calif., on December 21, 2000. She must come to the house at least once a week to use the electrically–powered machine. Her granddaughters are, Beth Crawford, 1, center, and Rebecca Crawford, 3. 12/20/2000

Barbara gets a kiss from Jackie Vestal, an old friend she calls her "adopted daughter," as she is welcomed back into her old neighborhood in Olivehurst, Calif. on March 3, 2001. 3/3/01.

Barbara, Kenny and their grandson, Charles, pray with Ron and Renee Brasier who run a ministry out of Glad Tidings Church in Yuba City, Calif. called "A Hand Up" on March 3, 2001. The couple delivered house supplies and blessed the new home in Olivehurst, Calif.

Barbara Hawkins is in bed before 9 p.m. watching television with her husband Kenny on their first friday night in their new home in Olivehurst, Cailf., on March 9, 2001. 3/9/01