Bike Flip: Mike Walker, a senior at Rancho Cotate High School tries to impress juniors (l to r) Jamie Schenone, Katelyn Smith and Jennifer Rawson with his flip-over-the-handlebars trick at the end of the girls softball game in Rohnert Park on May 18, 2001

Tree Man: Biodynamic farmer Jeff Dawson, curator of gardens at Copia American Food, Wine and Art Center in Napa, CA, has his roots firmly in the ground before the opening of the center this weekend.

Barry 69: Barry Bonds watches his 69th home run of the year fly into McCovey Cove in the 6th inning for the game winning run in the 3-1 effort over the Padres on Sept. 29, 2001.

Terrell taped:
San Francisco 49er wide receiver Terrell Owens has spoken his mind, and acted out on the field in the Dallas star at midfield last season. The vitriolic star refuses to succumb to the team's desire he keep his mouth shut.

CHP officer Paul Hals, left, patrols the walkways of the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday with two National Guardsmen, who gave no names, armed with M-16 rifles after Thursday's warning of an imminent terrorist strike on west coast suspension bridges on Nov 2, 2001.

Football Returns: Celebrating the return of professional football and honoring America during the singing of America the Beautiful at Sunday's pregame cermonies, Marvin Sisua, left, and Mark Callorina of San Francisco wave the flag at the top of 3Comm Park on, Sept 23, 2001 before the start of the 49er-Rams game. Stadiums around the country welcomed football back after a week break due to terrorist attacks.

Copter drop: A CDF helicopter drops a bucket of water on a burning home in the hills east of Cloverdale on Mountain Pine Rd. after a grass fire jumped to the structure on Thursday afternoon.

Apple Man: Sebastopol apple grower George Menini, unlocking the door to the home he has lived in for most of his 84 years, is surrounded by some of the artifacts of his long working life.

Vineyard guy: Patrick Gleeson is executive director of the American Vineyard Foundation, which funnels grant money for research into Pierce's disease, the biggest threat to the wine industry.

Potter: Anita Engberg converted an abandoned cow shed with a livestock loading dock into an art studio where she works at the potters wheel. Much of her artwork is destined for her large and varied garden.

Digi Cameras: The digital camera craze has led to a wide selection, and a wide price range for this christmas. Clockwise from top right, Nikon Coolpix 995, Canon Powershot G-2, Olympus C-4040 and the smile on the Sony Mavica.

Bonds500: Barry Bonds jumps into the air as his 500th career home run salis over the right field fence in the 8th inning of the Giants game against LA on April 18, 2001 at Pac Bell Park. The historic blast gave the Giants the 3-2 victory over the Dodgers.

Bocce jump: Alvaro Betucchi of South San Francisco, above, leaps into the air as he executes a ``raffa,'' a move designed to knock his opponent's ball away, in the singles championship of the American Bocce Association National Tournament on Friday at Brutocao Schoolhouse Plaza in Hopland on June 15, 2001.

Volley cheer: El Molino High players, from left to right, Sally Hanson, Amanda Fox, Desma Stovall and Erica Jennison celebrate after the final point of their four-game victory over Sonoma on Tuesday.

Tumble Buckets: Cody Scott, 12, front, along with Matt Bair, back left, 12, and Wes Hamik, 12, await a drenching from the Tumble Buckets at the Rec and Parks Dept Ridgway Swim Center in Santa Rosa on Wednesday, August 18, 2001.

Clamming Around: Brian Leung of Oakland reaches into the hole he dug in search of a horseneck clam buried 3 to 4 feet under the sandbar in Tomales Bay during a low tide. Clammers often fabricate unique and creative devices to help them unearth the tasty mollusks.

Fiddle Cross: Daniel Stewart, 7, of Redding goofs around while praticing for the Pee-Wee Division of the 26th annual Old Time Fiddle Contest in Cloverdale on Jan 27, 2001. Daniel went on to claim the Pee-Wee title for the second year in a row.