Laurence “Larry” Craig

Retired KRON chief photographer Laurence “Larry” Craig died in late July after a long illness. He was 73.

Craig mentored retired KRON photographer Joe Aquilina. Aquilina said, “I had to give up my film camera and start shooting with the beast RCA-TK76 (early video tape camera). Larry had to carry the record deck, attached to my camera with an umbilical cord, while teaching me the ins and outs of the camera at the same time. He was the pro when it came to ENG and made my transition from film to video that much smoother. Larry would sympathize when I would complain about the new camera and losing the freedom of just shooting news without having someone tied to me. He knew that ENG was the future of TV news and it was only a matter of time when the equipment would change for the better. Also, I never had to worry about him not paying attention to what was going on around us. That meant he moved when I moved and I never had the viewfinder bang into my eye because of him. Sounds like a simple memory but trust me, it meant a lot at the time. We’ve lost another one of KRON’s pioneers.”

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