Ken Yimm

Retired Palo Alto Times and Peninsula Times-Tribune photographer Ken Yimm passed away Friday, Nov. 11, after suffering a heart attack in his sleep. He had a long history of heart problems. He was 77 years old.

After he was discharged from the Army in 1951, Ken worked for United Press (not yet UPI) and then at the San Francisco News (later the San Francisco News Call Bulletin). He was hired by the Palo Alto Times in the early 1960s where he remained until he retired in the mid-1980s after the Times merged with the Redwood City Tribune making it the Peninsula Times-Tribune. Ken had photographed every president from Eisenhower to Reagan. One of his most famous photos he shot was of a college football player and a hospitalized little girl walking hand in hand at a Shriner’s hospital that became the poster photo for the annual East-West Shrine Football Game.
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